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Abdominal Therapy Collective (ATC) Classes

Abdominal Therapy practitioners bring their own gifts and traditions to the mix. Still, the essence of Abdominal Therapy remains the same: a nurturing massage with profound therapeutic benefits.


Abdominal Therapy encompasses simple and intuitive folk massage techniques and combines them with anatomy, physiology, and other focused learning. The work constantly evolves as Dr. Rosita Arvigo and the educators of the Abdominal Therapy Collective continue to upgrade and enhance the techniques to align with current research.  As abdominal therapy is an organic protocol, refining the practice is important to building upon the foundations of Rosita’s work. 

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Class offerings through the ATC range with a variety of healing needs from abdominal work for professionals, abdominal work through pregnancy, menopause, and many other focuses.


Bryn is a founding member as well as part of the Sun Circle (board) of the ATC. Her classes encompass all of the Basic series classes, as well as the ATP1 and ATP2 professional level classes, and refresher courses.

Here's an example of classes that Bryn teaches through the collective: 


This experiential, professional-level class focuses on the anterior portion of Abdominal Therapy as presented by the Abdominal Therapy Collective, Inc. (ATC), and works holistically with body, mind, and spirit. This training is open to all professional therapists who hold a qualification in anatomy and physiology and are able to perform massage on clients within the legal requirements of their state or country. 

This hybrid class (both virtual and in person) will enable you to share the anterior element of the work created by Dr. Rosita Arvigo with your clients. The class will be taught both online and in-person practical bodywork demonstration, a sharing of the therapy protocol with other students, and an in-depth exploration of anatomy and physiology as it relates to Abdominal Therapy. Please note that the in-person class will be held in Santa Cruz, California.

By the end of this class, you will be fully qualified to work with clients and to teach individuals the Abdominal Therapy Collective’s unique Your Abdominal Massage (YAM) for their – and your - continuing health improvement.

Abdominal Therapy Collective: The Basic Series - Your Peri/Menopause

  A pivotal moment in a woman’s life, peri-menopause begins the transition that is culminated with menopause. Be curious, scared, anxious, wise, silly and above all, open hearted as we explore together this most maligned and least appreciated time of life. You will learn much to prepare you and sustain you through it all.

  Come learn about your body, your uterus, your hormones and how to move into a new aspect of being in a body that bleeds, has bled and now will retain that sacred essence.

  This workshop is for anyone who would like to live in their body with ease and prepare for the profoundly enriching rite of passage into menopause. The class is also a foundational start for those who have a professional interest in this field.


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