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Botanical Pelvic Steaming

Steaming is a centuries old practice from cultures around the globe that is being re-discovered. Traditionally a main-stay in post partum recovery care, contemporary evidence is highlighting the benefits of this gentle, aromatic practice for addressing a multitude of concerns from painful periods to menopausal dryness and everything in between!

Sounds Awesome. Tell Me More.

Bryn became enamoured with steaming from her introduction to it as a student of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and added certification as a facilitator thru the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute.  Bryn believes it is a time-honored tradition that is warming and soothing, offering support with many issues, and now is offering custom botanical blends. Steamy Wonders Botanical Steam Blends are created with organic, sustainably harvested plants that are blended to fit your needs. Reach out to Bryn here to begin your personal journey with this traditional practice in pelvic steaming.

Whether in a treatment session, at home post-partum, or in a Steamy Wonders workshop, Bryn delights in sharing this simple and effective offering. This gently warm, soothing, and fragrant practice is a gift to the nervous system that leaves the recipient feeling very relaxed and replenished.

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