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Botanical Pelvic Steaming

Steaming is a centuries old practice from cultures around the globe that is being re-discovered. Traditionally a main-stay in post partum recovery care, contemporary evidence is highlighting the benefits of this gentle, aromatic practice for addressing a multitude of concerns from painful periods to menopausal dryness and everything in between!

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Bryn became enamoured with steaming from her introduction to it as a student of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and added certification as a facilitator thru the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute.  Bryn believes it is a time-honored tradition that is warming and soothing, offering support with many issues.

Whether in a treatment session, at home post-partum, or in a Steamy Wonders workshop, Bryn delights in sharing this simple and effective offering. This gently warm, soothing, and fragrant practice is a gift to the nervous system that leaves the recipient feeling very relaxed and replenished.

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