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Finding Balance

I spent the Equinox in New Hampshire this year. As one of the 3 newest members of the senior faculty for the Arvigo® Institute, I was part of the annual “council” that meets with Dr. Arvigo and the Institute directors, Diane and Steve MacDonald.

What I expected was more inspiration at being with not only Dr. Arvigo and the MacDonalds, but also meeting and getting to spend time with the advanced teaching team.Which, I did gratefully experience.

What I also encountered was a roller coaster of emotion, a realization that we all are imperfect, and that even those most venerated among us have their feet in the dirt too. This was a lesson that is repetitive and my understanding now was actualized by the reminder that “without mud there can be no lotus”.

I’m still processing the tumultuous journey. Striving to understand and integrate the lessons, of which there are many! Growing into a new, deeper understanding of myself, my community and the world at large. And, creating a more comprehensive way to share the most desperately needed work that I love. It’s deeply personal and spiritually driven.

I am clear that my vocation is a blessing to me, grateful that I have been given the opportunity to have work that I am passionate about, and clear that it is my duty to continue to grow into the fullest expression of a whole person possible.

It felt wonderful to be validated by the approval of my teacher(s), and I will continue to research, study and grow to complement my vocation.


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