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V-Steams, Yoni Steams, Vaginal Steams, VaJaycials, oh my!

Yet another vocal detractor to v-steams recently added to the eye-rolling, sneering denigration of women steaming their nether regions. The vulva, the vagina receive warm botanical steam in gentle wafting. . . yet it is made to sound like an overheated radiator blast.

There is a story around about a woman that suffered burns requiring hospitalization after her 2nd steam experience.

Excuse me? The SECOND steam she did? So the first one was so good she wanted to do it again? I mean really..I don’t believe that story..think its fake news.

I don’t understand why there is such a backlash.

Steaming is delicious and soothing. Gentle. A sweet little gift for ourselves. And the benefits that are being experienced around the world, currently… (as well as historically) are being documented. Ask your granny, your auntie…ask the local curandera. Traditional healing practices are experiencing a renaissance and being shared personally... verbally. Experientially.

I learned about it almost 20 years ago as part of my Arvigo® training. I was instantly smitten with the gentle, warm, aromatic clouds that enveloped my vulva. After a few moments, my pelvic floor began to relax and I could feel the warmth in my vagina begin to move up into my belly.

The steam only lasted twenty minutes or so, however I was deliciously relaxed for the rest of the day and into the next! I’ll never forget that afternoon and how I became a steam advocate, constantly looking for chairs, stools, buckets, ANYTHING that I could convert into a steam stool!

While it’s true there are no current “scientific” research studies that support this practice, neither are there studies to decry it’s use. It’s proof is in the individual’s experience.

I have been facilitating steams for my clients in my practice, for students in my classes and parties for women that want a shared experience for many years and not one single burn has ever occurred. Not one! Ever.

Consider this gentle treatment for yourself. Most likely you will be as delighted as I was..and still am to this day!

Want to learn more? Let me know. I’m so happy to help.


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