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Work as Vocation

I am one grateful gal. I wake in the morning looking forward to going to my office. My work is my blessing, my vocation..and I am keenly aware that this is not the case for everyone.

If I had a penny for every time one of my clients talked about the stress of their job, how much they hate it, I would be a gazillionaire! When did we turn away from apprenticeships and mentoring kids that show an interest in vocations? How is it that the work of our hands has become “less than” in comparison with big money jobs like doctor, lawyer, engineer?

Step one in deciphering the root cause of many of the complaints my clients share with me with is finding out about their work.

Step two is to outline places to reduce stress and implement life-style practices that support the central nervous system.

Step three is implementation. And that’s where my work really shines. As a mentor to their well-being, I offer support where needed to help implement the changes needed to incorporate these practices into their busy lives. And to custom tailor them to an easy fit. It doesn’t work…if it doesn’t fit, right?

So…how can you begin to support your own best life? Where do you need support? How can you make a minimal shift that creates maximum benefit for your well BE-ing? Start with simplicity. And, if you need help..reach out!

To Life!


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